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Queensland Heeler Puppies For Sale
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With all of the horses and cattle here at Decco Ranch, there is often a need for good working ranch dogs. We have found Queensland Heelers to suit our needs perfectly. As their name suggests, Queensland Heelers make excellent herding dogs. They are also loving, devoted pets and very reliable watchdogs. Queensland Heelers can also be known as Australian Cattle Dogs. Although their name implies that they are all heelers when herding, some Queenslands may be natural headers. Most people do not purchase Queensland Heelers because of their herding instinct, but rather to be a loyal and protective family and watch dog.
Click on a puppy picture to view more puppy pictures. Click on adult Queensland Heeler pictures to view more Jake pictures. Pictured immediately below are Jake (red), Bridgette (blue) and Katie (blue).
Jake & Bridgette - Red Heeler and Blue Heeler
Katie - Blue Queensland Heeler
Bridgette - Blue Queensland Heeler
Katie - Blue Heeler

All puppies have docked tails, are wormed, and are given vaccinations using a killed/modified live virus solution to protect against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, and Coronavirus.

Prices :

Females - Blue or Red
Males - Blue or Red

Queensland Heeler puppies are born all white, with only their dark patches to help identify what color they will be -- blue or red. At approximately 2 weeks of age, their color begins to appear. We spend a great deal of time socializing and playing with our puppies to ensure they are friendly, happy and well-adjusted. A well-adjusted puppy should bring you many, many years of pleasure, protection and loyal friendship.
Click to see more puppy photos (Puppy Page) of blue and red heelers.
Click to see more puppy photos (Puppy Page).
lick to see more puppy photos (Puppy Page).

Queensland Heelers usually weigh between 35-40 pounds and are very agile dogs. Queenslands are not 'sissy' dogs. They generally are very tough and fearless towards intruders. Queenslands are known to sacrifice themselves to save the family they are protecting. Queenslands tend to 'adopt' one person in a family. Although they will love, play with and protect all members of the family, they let everyone know who their chosen 'special' person is.

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